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Bridal Hair & Makeup

The Makeup and Hair you wear on your Wedding Day should be timeless, flawless and beautifully done. Alex works closely with her brides to ensure their Makeup and Hair is exactly what they pictured.


Alex also works closely with the Bridal Party with care and efficiency as she understands that the bride and her bridal party are looking forward to getting their Makeup and Hair done well and on time.


Among Alex's Bridal Services are Boudoir Photoshoot Makeup & Hair, Engagement Photoshoot Makeup & Hair, Mother of the Bride/Groom Makeup & Hair, and Bridal/Bridesmaids Trial. 

Quinceañera & Sweet Sixteen

Makeup and Hair fit for a birthday princess. Makeup & Hair that you will be proud and happy with. Birthday's are special, however, your 15th and 16th birthday are such a memorable time in your life. This is why your Hair & Makeup should reflect just how special your night is. When you book with Alex you can be sure that your Birthday Glam will stand out from the dinner table to the dance floor.

Photoshoots are such a memorable experience. Whether it be a maternity shoot, headshots, engagement, or your anniversary, photoshoots are a memory in and of itself. And just like memories, the photos will last a lifetime. This is why Alex takes your photoshoot glam up a notch so that in any lighting, you look your best. Book your Photoshoot Hair & Makeup today. 

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Alex does Makeup and Hair for all occasions. Whether it be for your Birthday, Graduation, or Date Night, your special occasion is definitely worth getting your Hair and Makeup professionally done.  Whether you want a more soft and natural look or a dramatic and bold look, the choice is yours and Alex is happy to meet your needs. 

Alex looks forward to both Homecoming and Prom season. Why? Because she knows that she will be a part of such an exciting time in your Highschool Career. Your senior dances will be memories to hold to forever. Your Makeup & Hair should reflect just how beautiful your night will be. Alex has met with clients that have told her "I wish I had you do my makeup when I was going to prom," but lucky for you, you can book Alex to do your Hair & Makeup for your Prom, today!

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